NCDEX Moong 18 Oct 2019 Futures

Last Traded on 2019-09-16 21:14 (Close)
5,805.00 +7.00+0.12%
5,879.00 5,799.00 5,798.00

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18 Oct 2019 5,805.00 +7.00+0.12%

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Contract Specifications of Moong

Contract Start Day1st day of contract launch month. If 1st day is a holiday then the following working day.
Last Trading Day20th of contract expiry month. If 20th is a holiday then preceding working day.
Trading PeriodMondays through Friday
Trading SessionMonday to Friday: 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Trading Unit5 MT
Quotation/ Base Value100 KG
Maximum Order Size250 MT
Tick SizeRs.1 per 100 KG
Initial MarginMinimum 4% or based on SPAN whichever is higher
Additional and/ or Special MarginIn case of additional volatility, an additional margin (on both buy & sell side) and/ or special margin (on either buy or sell side) at such percentage, as deemed fit; will be imposed in respect of all outstanding positions.
SettlementEx-Merta City